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Seiko, professional hair colorist in Tokyo

Kiara. C

I've lived in Japan for six years and I could never find a Japanese stylist who knew how to color caucasian hair. Over the years I've had so many bad experiences that I was desperate enough to go back to box dyes from the pharmacy, even though I know how bad they are for your hair. I regretted the box dyes when the build up of dye made my hair underneath turn nearly black. Every stylist I consulted claimed I couldn't strip the color because my hair was too fragile. I tried two different salons that said they could slowly remove the color through highlights, but they were disasters and I ended up with tri-colored hair. In the end, I was told I would just have to go dark to hide the damage.

I feel so lucky to have found Seiko! I was so tired of having dark hair and wanted to go red, but I thought it was impossible. Seiko told me that it could be done and really inspired confidence in her abilities when she met me for a consultation. She asked a lot of detailed questions about my hair background, past colorings, etc. and then had a talk with me about what my goals were for color. One thing I really like is that she didn't promise me the moon. Seiko kept it real and explained what she was capable of doing, considering all the build up of dye in my hair. She also explained the process to me step by step and told me how long it would take. I really appreciated that!

I cannot recommend her enough! She really knows what she's doing when she repairs hair color disasters. The day of my appointment, she spent several hours transforming my patchy, dark, horrible color into a beautiful light red. Many stylists had said that I could never strip the color without damaging and breaking my hair, but Seiko did it. In just one day my hair was transformed into a light red that was healthy and uniform in color. There was no damage and the color was exactly what I'd asked for.

For my second session, Seiko did Balayage on my hair and it looks fabulous! I can't count the number of people who have complimented me on my hair color or asked me if I'm a natural redhead. It looked even better when it started to grow out! Seiko also did an awesome job with my roots, carefully coloring around the balayage so that it still looked natural (no straight line of highlights going across your head!). I've never gotten so many compliments on my hair in my life and I have so much more confidence now.

The icing on the cake is that Seiko has a great personality. Not only do I love going to the salon because it makes me look good, but also because Seiko is so great to talk to. She is a warm, fun person to be around and that makes the time you sit in the chair just fly by. I'll always be a devoted client.

Heather. P

Until I found Seiko, all of my experiences getting my naturally dark blond hair highlighted in Tokyo were big let downs.  Despite scouring online reviews for hair colorists touted as experts at highlighting Caucasian hair and shelling out as much or more as I would for the same service in Boston, LA or NYC. I was grossly underwhelmed by the results.  Both the color and placement of the highlights were a little
off, and the end result was lackluster.

Because of these experiences, the first time Seiko colored my hair I was gun-shy.  The state of my hair really affects how I feel, so I was
anxious when I sat down in her chair.  However, Seiko's warmth and obvious expertise with color quickly put me at ease.  I've never had a hair colorist put so much time and effort into determining the color that would best complement my overall look.  The fastidiousness with which she executed her vision was also unparalleled.

The end result was a shimmering, golden blond that looks beautiful both in real life and in photographs.  I am as happy with the results
a month later as I was on the day I received the service.  I can finally relax knowing that I have found my “hair color person” in Tokyo!"

Seriously, this is the best set of highlights I have EVER received by any hair colorist in any city in the world!!


Having recently moved to LA from London, I desperately needed to find a salon. I am extremely picky when it comes to my color, and have been customer of the best salons both in London and Paris, so I wanted to find the BEST in LA too.

I am a dirty blonde with outgrown highlights and wanted to be blonder and to add some natural looking highlights. I wanted my hair to look like I had truly been out in the sun, like a surfer-girl!! Since I am in L.A., I wanted to be a brighter blonde. I must say I was absolutely impressed by The Parlour hair salon, and its colorist Seiko. Not only did she manage to get it 100% right, but the result was a very natural shiny blonde as if I was in a sun, but in great condition, not dry.

The highlights were just spot on. I loved it! They look so natural and they do not look like obvious highlights. I would strongly recommend The Parlour AND Seiko. She really listened very carefully to my needs, had extraordinary technical knowledge, and met my high expectations while being very patient, friendly and responsive. Plus she gave me a free treatment for being a first time customer!!


Seiko transformed me to an amazing blonde!
I just cannot say "thank you" enough! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WHAT SEIKO DID TO MY HAIR!! I am so in love with my blonde highlights!! I had ashy dark blonde hair which I tried to highlight myself using a box highlighting kit, BIG MISTAKE!!!

The kit turned my hair color into green!! which I hated and regretted doing it myself! Never again will I try to color my own hair!!!! When I came in to see Seiko, she was well educated and informative about what went wrong with my hair and what she could do to change it as well as told me that golden blonde would look good on me. Then, she transformed me into this beautiful shiny blonde!!

As soon as my friend saw me, she got extremely jealous of my beautiful hair!! haha...I even loved the Parlour, what a fantastic hair salon!! All of the staff were very friendly and warm. The salon's facilities were spotless and beautiful. But anyways, Seiko, you're awesome at doing hair and I can't wait to come back in six weeks! Thanks!!


Since I started to have grey hair...I looked and asked around for a good hair color specialist in LA. One of my friends recommended the hair salon "THE PARLOUR" to me. I made an appointment with their Colorist "Seiko". I told her I wanted my grey hair to be covered and to add highlights and lowlights as well.

As she was very kind and gave me thoughtful professional advice, it was very easy for me to decide and imagine the expected finished hair color. She also gave me a free hair treatment since I was a first time client. After all the treatment, my hair looked shinier than ever. My grey hair was covered and my mousy base color was transformed into something beautiful! Seiko also gave me beautiful blonde highlights and lowlights to match my base.

I was very impressed with how she listened to my needs and how dedicated she was! I was completely satisfied with her excellent work! Seiko was very kind and very professional. She was also a very interesting and fun person to talk to! I definitely will go back to her. The facilities of the salon were beautiful and it had a laid back California feel to it. The staff was there to accommodate all of my needs at all times. I definitely recommend the salon "Parlour " and "Seiko"!!


The Parlor achieved the impossible with my hair!
I thought it would be fun to change my color so I decided to go from brunette to Jennifer Lopez's blond highlights. Unfortunately the experiment with a salon down the street from me ended up in a mess and was no fun at all. They turned me into a very orangey blonde.

Not only that, but it looked really artificial. Disgusted with the new look and extremely upset, I did a better job of research online to find a salon that looked like they were really good with color and could solve my problem. I went to The Parlour and explained the situation to their hair colorist Seiko. I must say that, coming from the experience I had just had at another salon, I was pretty skeptical about the outcome. Seiko was very reassuring and she stepped up to the plate.

What she did with my hair I can only describe as a miracle. She spent a long time working on it to correct the color. The end result was exactly the color I had in mind. I was a perfect J-LO blonde! Seiko was very friendly, understanding and did an excellent job consulting with me before she started to ensure that we were on the same page. My experience at The Parlour was fantastic, the attention and care I received from Seiko was just superb. They have a new long term client.

Michelle. B

Being an Actress in LA I was recently encouraged by my Manager to change my hair color from blonde to a more sexy red in order to stand out in the LA film world. My friend referred me to The Parlour on 3rd because said it was the bomb, so I made the call.

The receptionist recommended Seiko. I wasn't quite sure I could pull off such a dramatic color change and told Seiko how worried I was. She suggested I go with strawberry blonde to better match my skin tone instead of a deeper red. She was careful to ask me if this total transformation was what I really wanted.

To confirm that I was 100% sure, she also bluntly told me, "If I make this change, you won't be able to come back a week from now and tell me you want to go back to blonde, because once this soft red tone is in, it is almost impossible to switch back to being blonde without taking several steps over a few months." I appreciated the candor! So rare in L.A.!

We spent time talking about the integrity and health of my hair which is totally important to me if I ever want to book another gig in this town. Her words also made me really think twice before I made the transformation. Seiko exuded confidence and professionalism in the way she explained the process every step of the way. I trusted her and it made me comfortable to make the decision.

I told Seiko "Lets do it!!". I am absolutely thrilled with the results. After the color change she suggested a treatment. She really took her time. I am so glad I made this change. I just love my new color!! The Parlour is THE hair salon for me and Seiko is the Colorist who is helping me take my career to the next level. My Manager is delighted. Oh! So is my man. Grrrrrrrrrrr. :)

Devon. H

Colorist Seiko at the The Parlour did an AMAZING job!!! My blonde hair never looked so good!! I love my surfer girl blonde highlights! I even loved the whole process and Seiko, you are a FABULOUS colorist!

I also love the whole decor and the facilities of the hair salon!
It was so beautiful and I was also impressed with the friendly staff, everybody was so nice there! I can't stand when salons in LA can get so snooty but The Parlour was a breath of fresh air!

They also have a free valet in the back of the salon!

At any rate, thanks so much for your time Seiko!! and your talent invested in my hair color :) YOU ROCK!

Jessica. D

For about two weeks I was debating on whether or not to change the color of my hair. I'm sure glad I decided to go for it. It's really hard for me to trust someone with my hair, but I am glad I found someone highly professional to give me expert advice, such as Seiko. I'm a boring brunette and I wanted to go for either auburn-red or jet blue-black. I was open to some highlights, but I wasn't 100% sure. In the end, Seiko helped me make up my mind. She told me that the auburn would look a lot better than the black because of my skin tone, but also suggested adding some highlights saying they would give more volume and dimension to my flat-looking hair. I felt I could trust her; she was very friendly and knew what she was talking about.

I highly recommend Seiko. She is an outstanding colorist, she did a great job and everyone loves my new look!