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Seiko, professional hair colorist in Tokyo
Seiko, Hair Color Specialist in Los Angeles

My name is Seiko. I am a Hair Color Specialist; Gifted in creating various shades of hair color and techniques: Highlights and Color on Blondes and Brunettes, Shades of Reds, One Process Color, Smudge, Gloss, Grey Coverage and Color Correction..etc.

My strongest talent is to create glossy beautiful Blondes by using Foils and/or by Balayage (free hand technique).

I have mastered Foiling technique at the Aveda Institute of New York and upon graduating, I refined my skills from Celebrity Colorist Ms. Lisa Oliver (Sally Hershberger Salon).

After my appenticeship under Ms. Oliver, I moved to Europe to add it to my resume. There, I have brought my highlighting skills to another level and mastered the French free hand highlighting method the Balayage technique at "Jacques Dessange Paris", the salon that started the whole Balayage trend. For me, deciding on which highlighting technique to use on each client is the key factor of the success to achieving beautiful highlighting results. Foil highlighting method is more classic.

If a client has a "classic" look and if the hair is sensitive and fragile, I opt for foil highlights. Balayage is more "progressive" and it has "the look" of being on the beach, very natural sun kissed hair color, which is darker on the roots but it gets lighter towards the ends, it's just like the children's hair color, very boho-chic (ex: Gisele Bundgen's color).

If this a client has the right "look" and right hair texture for this technique, I love to Balayage because it looks more natural and it is low maintenance. I also personally think it has more modern effortless look to it.. But I believe Balayage is not for every women's style nor every women's hair. After all has been said, I have a firm philosophy on how to achieve the most beautiful color on each client. As a result of my work, I want all of my clients to feel and look gorgeous and glamourous.

Which is completely custom made for every client who sits on my chair. I love to give 100% of my energy to make all clients look their best and I love to make them feel they are very special. Still today, I continue to further my knowledge and improve my technique.

My goal is to achieve sophistication, precision and the timeless look with a touch of whimsical flair in all of my work.